We deserve better healthcare.

The COVID pandemic accelerated disruptive trends in healthcare and technology, catalyzing a dramatic redesign across the US healthcare industry. Challenges are complex, but Jumpstart is optimistic.

Our companies deliver better treatments for patients and tools that empower healthcare workers.

We back talented, passionate people building incredible healthcare innovations.

Who We Are

Experienced healthcare investors and operators.

A curious, hardworking team striving to bring game-changing innovation to healthcare and deliver better, faster & cheaper outcomes. We are the flagship fund in the Jumpstart Health Investors platform.

What We Do

We work to upgrade and redesign healthcare in collaboration with existing industry partners.

We first uncover the root causes of healthcare’s challenges and then invest in teams to build and deliver innovative solutions.


We focus our efforts on early-stage healthcare companies who deliver game-changing innovation to healthcare in the following sectors: health technology, digital health, diagnostic devices, and consumer health.

How We Partner

Jumpstart matches industry needs with innovation.

We bring curated solutions to our strategic partners’ biggest challenges. In doing so, we help transform the US health system, save time for our strategic partners, and propel great innovations out of the noise of never-ending pilots and multi-year sales cycles.

Meet Our Team

Vic Gatto

Vic Gatto

Founder, Managing General Partner

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