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Health is the foundation for Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Just as a building’s height is limited by the strength of its foundation, each person’s quality of life is limited by the strength of their health. Health systems should empower patients to build a strong foundation of health, not simply repair health problems. This work is intended as a framework for those interested in driving positive impact or earning outsized profit in health. 


Our vision is to empower caregivers to improve patients’ quality of life. The pandemic exposed weaknesses in our health system while illustrating how innovation can help redesign systems to deliver better outcomes and lower costs. We refer to these new systems as embodying the vision for Human-Centered Health (HCH).


Welcome to our inaugural blog on Human-Centered Health. Our weekly blogs and monthly reports will focus on exploring the following topics: 


Distilling Growth: Description of how the status quo must change

Bright Spots: Success stories from health systems across the US

Ask Vic Anything: Honest and direct answers to HCH Members’ questions


We hope readers view these perspectives across a spectrum from obvious to outlandish. That’s the point. Depending on your experience and background, you may already know about some topics, while others may be completely new. We ask you to keep an open mind and contribute toward creating the best future for our health system.


Health is a personal and emotional topic, and it is also expensive. The US spends about 2x more on healthcare than other countries. This amounts to over $3,600 billion annually, yet our population is not healthier or happier. This must change.


Join the Movement:

Winning Health Systems must attract the best 20% of caregivers at all license levels. Talented, dedicated caregivers migrate to work in aligned cultures. Therefore, Human-Centered Health redesigns care delivery to empower bedside staff in a culture of compassionate patient care. 


Raise your hand to be part of this exciting new chapter in healthcare. We’re calling for smart, passionate people to co-create this upgraded health delivery model.  Human-Centered Health is a movement strengthened by contributing, diverse voices. Join us. Together we’re building the health system we want and deserve.


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